Broccoli, Avocado and Pinto Bean salad


I’ve been promising this one for a while. 3 kids+no camp+my new part time gig as a Rodan and Fields consultant = serious blog slacking. My deepest apologies!! Let’s skip some long back story

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Honey Donuts


First step – order this super cute pan from Amazon (or dig out the one someone gave you for Christmas). Second step – be determined to be break your children of their Dunkin Donut addiction.

The creamiest, dreamiest Hummus ever


I refer to this as my $90 hummus recipe. We lived in DC for a few years. There was a restaurant there we loved- Lebanese Taverna. And it made the most incredible hummus. Just

Chia Seed-Peanut Butter-Honey Toast


Unsliced, fresh baked bread from a great bakery – many supermarkets produce wonderful loaves – this is what you need for outstanding toast. I ordered whole wheat pain au lait bread from Runner and Stone

Emilie’s Ultimate Oatmeal


Emilie came up with and named this dish herself. And it is delicious. I had to record it for two reasons – one, I really think your little ones will enjoy this even if

Spinach-Banana-Date Smoothie


My sweet son William is terrified of any green foods. If I sit next to him with a salad, he literally runs away. Won’t touch a vegetable. Not frustrating at all for a mommy

Vanilla-Chocolate Chip Wacky/Crazy Cake


Emilie and I had the afternoon to ourselves this weekend. She is getting really into cooking and baking so I wanted to find something we could make that wouldn’t frustrate either one of us. I