Recipes & Ideas

Fast Sunday Dinner


I wish someone could give you a glimpse, or really explain, how busy- (and extraordinarily, heart bursting with joy, wonderful)- life is with children before it actually happens.  In retrospect, I realize in all

Veggie & Beef Taco Quesadilla’s


Every few months I get a new brilliant idea – usually from Pinterest – for a way to organize my spices. I am currently sporting the tiny tins with labels.  Before that it was

Smoothies in a bag


Toddlers can be quite perplexing.  There was a level 4 meltdown one day from my little man because I – yes you can all judge me after hearing this – put milk in his

Farro Chickpea Tomato Kale Salad


During the week, the main times my husband and I see each other is during the morning – when our “farmer” babies rise around dawn (up to to milk the cows and pluck the

Summertime Tartine


We took a week “vacation” at my in-laws beautiful lake front house in northeastern PA.   I refer to vacation in quotes because honestly, someone needs to come up with a better name for being

Breakfast Sprinkles


I had these, what I now know are crazy, notions that we would be sharing family meals with our toddlers, happily passing around bowls of various grains and vegetables, and I would just follow

Everyday Granola


Everyday Granola- I started making it when I was trying to think of something to give to everyone attending our twins 1st birthday party.  I filled our freezer with cute little bags of granola