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Hot Dogs with Avocado, Cream Cheese, Pickles and Pickled Red Onion


I feel like, having grown up in the Allentown area and having many a birthday dinner (per my request) be Yocco’s hot dogs (this amazing local chain), that I am a bit of a

The creamiest, dreamiest Hummus ever


I refer to this as my $90 hummus recipe. We lived in DC for a few years. There was a restaurant there we loved- Lebanese Taverna. And it made the most incredible hummus. Just

Asparagus-Pesto-Mozzarella Pasta


This is so spring. A fresh pesto (purchased…but by all means make your own. kudos). A bunch of pretty asparagus that finally seems appropriate to eat now that it is spring. Little balls of

Chia Seed-Peanut Butter-Honey Toast


Unsliced, fresh baked bread from a great bakery – many supermarkets produce wonderful loaves – this is what you need for outstanding toast. I ordered whole wheat pain au lait bread from Runner and Stone

Oatmeal Whole Wheat Waffles


We have waffles at least twice a week. I already have 3 waffle recipes on the site – my go-to perfect whole wheat freezer waffles, quinoa flake whole wheat waffles,  and healthy chocolate flaxseed waffles.

MFC Weekly Menu-Week of March 22


I apologize for missing a week and getting this out late. That’s how things go sometimes. I had a stomach virus on Sunday – doesn’t exactly put you in the mood to meal plan.

How to become a master at grilled cheese


I try really hard to adhere to Meatless Mondays. In general I would like to move us more and more into a routine of less meat – but that would require my children to