Recipes & Ideas

Upgraded Cheeseburger Macaroni


I was cruising through Pinterest looking for dinner ideas (and realizing my laissez faire summer dining attitude needs to get readjusted for Fall. AKA a meal plan again). Stumbled over a cheeseburger macaroni post.

Broccoli, Avocado and Pinto Bean salad


I’ve been promising this one for a while. 3 kids+no camp+my new part time gig as a Rodan and Fields consultant = serious blog slacking. My deepest apologies!! Let’s skip some long back story

Chickpea Pasta with Beans, Zucchini, Carrots and Goat cheese


I am always suspicious of pasta made from anything other then flour and eggs. Just goes against every instinct that it will be good. This stuff proved me wrong. I found a box of Banza

Omelet Croissant Sandwich


This recipe came out of the free breakfast my kids were served during their year at public Pre-K. It was a great program – free breakfast was served to all the kids in the

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Honey Donuts


First step – order this super cute pan from Amazon (or dig out the one someone gave you for Christmas). Second step – be determined to be break your children of their Dunkin Donut addiction.

Harissa Broiled Chicken and Zucchini Tzatiki


The broiler is such an underutilized part of the oven. It’s basically an upside down grill. And even I, with my love now declared for it, do not use it as much as I

Flax-Chia Seed Whole Grain Pancakes


I’m obsessed with my kids getting more fiber. They are obsessed with pancakes. So I just hit them where the love is. It started one morning when they were harassing me for pancakes and I