MFC Food Diary

MFC Weekly Meal Plan – Week of January 11th


Weekend prep: roast sweet potatoes, chop kale, get veggie-cream cheese mix ready for Monday, make tuna salad and biscuits, prep veggies for fajitas. Sunday Breakfast: cereal Lunch: leftover chicken fingers and applesauce Dinner: spaghetti bolognese with ricotta Monday Breakfast: waffles Lunch:

MFC Food Diary – Kelly, along with her minions (aka sweet kids), James & Owen


I have made some utterly fabulous mommy friends here in Brooklyn. Kelly would be one of them, despite the fact she lives in NJ now. I will let her slide on ditching us for

Modern Family Food Diary – Nicole & Crew


I am totally obsessed with the Grub Street Diet. Whenever I realize I have a few extra moments at the computer I scroll through them and read about all these models and actors juicing