Grain Salads

Arugula-Orzo-Chickpea-Feta Pasta Salad


Be gone the days of mayo-laden elbow macaroni salads! Bring on fresh, delicious and easy arugula-orzo salad. I am going to have this in my fridge all summer and bring it to every pot

Braised Chicken & Carrots and Why you should have your kids help you cook


My husband had been working non-stop for over a month. The end was finally near and he was going actually arrive home before it was dark. For this very special occasion, I decided to

Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl


I have found it very helpful to cook up batches of brown rice (short grain is my favorite), portion into freezer bags and tuck away for a quick defrost whenever I need it. I also

I have been afraid to feed my kids


Why? Rejection pure and simple. Rejection of the food that I worked hard to make for them, and rejection of me as a parent. I felt like a failure every time I made something

Mexican Veggie-Rice Bowl


Lunch for my new past time – vegan before 6. This is also a clean out the fridge lunch that turned out exceptionally well. Worked for Matty, and I think this would be a

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Vegetables & Fresh Mozzarella


I think the new go-to pot luck dish for picnics and summer parties should be a quinoa salad.  I’m serious. It is so easy to make, delicious and healthy – and perhaps you can

4th Birthday Party Picnic & Mexican Layered Dip Recipe


This was the first year the twins were excited for their birthday party.  It is so ironic how some days it feels like a thousand years until bedtime, but somehow 4 amazing years having