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Lime-Cucumber Mineral Water


I turned 40 on June 16th. Since I still feel 22 in my head, and I thankfully can do pilates twice a week which may be the only thing that keeps me moving and

Carrot-Chickpea-Mango Salad


This is a total work horse salad. It will last in your fridge for days, is so tasty and pretty to look at, and fills you up and doesn’t leave any lingering feelings of

Hey Homies! (Sorry I couldn’t resist – it is 6am and I have had no coffee)


So this is the first time I am nominated in the Homie Awards from theKitchn (Apartment Therapy’s fabulous food blog). I, in my humble, completely biased opinion, think Modern Family Cooking is a perfect

The Perfect Gift for the Modern Family Cook


So, I don’t do promotions or giveaways at the moment. Never say never, but I want to just get all the recipes and ideas I have for the modern family out to you to

Thanks on Thanksgiving


I am forever thankful for my family and my loved ones. But beyond that, I am so grateful and thankful for every single one of you who take time to read my little blog here. I

My first interview! Some new tips and tricks for feeding kids


I had the pleasure of answering questions for Anna Catherine of How to Build a Better Mother  – which is an awesome blog with really interesting profiles and posts. Sign up to receive her updates

I have been afraid to feed my kids


Why? Rejection pure and simple. Rejection of the food that I worked hard to make for them, and rejection of me as a parent. I felt like a failure every time I made something