Cooking with Kids

Flax Seed French Toast Sticks


I have no guarantees as to how coherent this post will be considering I have not consumed any coffee yet and I am writing this with a squirmy 3 1/2 yr old on my

Emmie’s Blueberry Walnut Toast


This was all from Emmie – I gave her whole grain toast with cream cheese on it and blueberries on the side for breakfast.  She decorated the toast with the berries (“I am making

Oatmeal Yogurt Chia Pancakes


I make pancakes almost every weekend. I am always trying new recipes and at the same time trying to cram as much healthy stuff as possible into them since the kids always crush them. I

Will’s Oatmeal – Raspberry, Walnut, Chia and Brown Sugar


My “pickiest” eater, Mr. Will, loves to cook and help me.  I had made him eggs the other morning for breakfast that went untouched.  Mid morning he was “very hungry” – his favorite phrase

Breakfast Sprinkles


I had these, what I now know are crazy, notions that we would be sharing family meals with our toddlers, happily passing around bowls of various grains and vegetables, and I would just follow