My Mom’s Chocolate Cake


My mom is an amazing baker. My childhood is peppered with memories of unbelievably delicious desserts – this cake, butter cake, funny cake, hawaiian wedding cake, homemade eclairs, kiffles – I seriously could go

Bran Raspberry Muffins


I have a total thing for All-Bran.  Apparently this is something that happens as you enter your late thirty – a deep love and gratitude for high fiber foods.  I use it as the

Apple (or Pear) Honey Chia Bread


I have made this twice in one week – it is so easy, I would consider making it every day just to have on hand for emergency snacks/lunch boxes/breakfast.  It is incredibly simple and

Banana Oat Protein Powder Muffins


I make a lot of muffins – the kids love them, I see it as an opportunity to cram lots of healthy stuff in a small little package, and they are great to throw

Oatmeal Vanilla Scones and Baking with Kids


I love having the kids help me cook and bake.  And I am slowly starting to understand how much control I have to let go of however when doing so.  What I have learned