Kids Picnic Lunch


Summer appears to have slapped us across the face today.  In an effort to not surrender to the AC and Pixar movies all day, I evacuated my crew at 9am for a morning at

4th Birthday Party Picnic & Mexican Layered Dip Recipe


This was the first year the twins were excited for their birthday party.  It is so ironic how some days it feels like a thousand years until bedtime, but somehow 4 amazing years having

Ricotta Crostini Crudite


Will and Emilie are turning 4 soon and we are having a little party for them.  And you know what I am obsessing about the most?? Yup, the menu.  I know all they want

Asian Mini Crabcakes & Bok Choy with Cashews


I have been mailing it in the past few weeks in terms of feeding all of us. Crackers, cheese, hummus, yogurt, pizza, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese – I went all out on the typical

Seriously good (and simple) Egg Salad


My favorite lunches when I was a kid were ring bologna and cheese, liverwurst and cheese and the top of them all: egg salad.  I would unwrap the slightly squished sandwich from its wax

Honey Lemon Ricotta Dip


If the only ricotta you have ever had is the Polly-O or other supermarket brands, then I must break some news to you.  You have no experience ricotta nirvana until you get your hands

Raw Spinach Pesto – Ricotta/Pesto Crostini


Now, whenever we have a kid birthday party to attend, the first question the twins ask is “will there be cupcakes?!?”.  Mine is, “will there be mixed drinks or just beer and wine?” The