Broccoli, Avocado and Pinto Bean salad


I’ve been promising this one for a while. 3 kids+no camp+my new part time gig as a Rodan and Fields consultant = serious blog slacking. My deepest apologies!! Let’s skip some long back story

The creamiest, dreamiest Hummus ever


I refer to this as my $90 hummus recipe. We lived in DC for a few years. There was a restaurant there we loved- Lebanese Taverna. And it made the most incredible hummus. Just

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich & Salad


A few summers during my long drawn out college career, I spent down at the jersey shore. I have a few memories (the beer blurs things) of all the fun I had still hanging

Perfect Sausage & Beef Meatballs Smothered in Sauce and Cheese


I have avoided trying meatball recipes because my mother in law makes the best meatballs I have had, and they are at the top of my husband’s list of things he loves to eat

Perfect Curry Chicken Salad


I made this a few years ago, thrown together with what I thought in my head would make a delicious curry chicken salad. I was correct! My mommy friends and I devoured it during

Roasted Cauliflower + Olives, Feta, & Scallions


I may need a 12 step program to shake this one. I am totally in love with this combination of flavors. Warning: kids hated it. Wouldn’t even try it. My response – who cares!!

Crispy Mustard-Parmesan Chicken & Raw Collard Greens Salad


The best way to get my kids to eat chicken is to make sure it is breaded and crispy. Hell, that is the best way to get me to eat it also. I have a