About MFC

1 French Culinary Institute top award winning graduate, former private chef, and caterer vs. the toughest customers in the business – her toddlers.

Me and my best customer, Matty:

The other critics – bit tougher:

I am Nicole.  I will be your tour guide on this trip through a cooking odyssey for the modern day family.  A modern day family cook has great intentions, wants to nourish their love ones with delicious food that is also easy to make, but needs inspiration, ideas, and resources because life is crazy and endlessly busy.  That is what I am here for.

I always loved cooking.  Many of my childhood memories revolve around making homemade pierogies with my Nannie (grandmother), filling eclairs at my parents bakery – and polishing too many of them off in the process, and experiencing lovingly prepared food from my mother.

I did the college and corporate gig, met a wonderful man, married and moved to NYC.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend French Culinary Institute to study Classic Culinary Arts.  I graduated at the top of the class winning all the awards.  I can not even be modest about it – I loved school and I poured everything I had into it.  I did catering, worked as a private chef and then after a few years, I was blessed with the toughest customers in the business – toddlers.  I have 3 beautiful children under 4 – boy and girl twins and a sweet baby boy.  And they could care less that mommy is a trained chef.  But I work every day to bring something interesting and inspiring into their lives in respect to food.  And luckily, my husband loves food and is willing to try something new – as long as it is not tofu – and will be honest with me which is what a good cook needs.

I have over 500 cookbooks.  I should probably attend a 12 step program for cookbook purchasing, but screw it, I love a new cookbook.  And I love getting inspired and sharing ideas, yet another reason for this project.  And also, I have an awful, seemingly permanent, case of mommy brain and if I don’t record the recipes I love, it will disappear as quickly as that glass of wine does most nights.