Omelet Croissant Sandwich


This recipe came out of the free breakfast my kids were served during their year at public Pre-K. It was a great program – free breakfast was served to all the kids in the school, and since they were the littlest ones there, the meal was served in their classroom.

My daughter would rave about the croissant egg and cheese sandwich. But she was very specific – it was a rolled egg with cheese inside on a croissant. Got it.

omelet croissant sand3

This is actually a great way to practice making omelets. Get a small non stick pan. Get all your ingredients ready to go – 1 egg whisked with salt and pepper in it, a slice of cheese and a pat of butter.

Put the pan over high heat and hit it with the butter. Once melted, pour in the eggs. With a spatula, quickly move them around and as they start to set, spread it out so it covers the entire bottom. Turn off the heat, put the cheese down the middle and put a lid on. The cheese will melt and the eggs will finish up – check it after 30 seconds/1 minute.

Carefully fold 1/3 of omelet towards the middle of the pan with your spatula. Now tilt the pan at a 45 degree angle over a plate or cutting board and encourage the rolling you started to finish (with some assistance from gravity) and onto the plate. Use a paper towel to cover it and straight it out or reassemble.

Grab that croissant, lay the omelet in a half moon following the curve and there is a hearty breakfast or a fast dinner. Add some fruit or salad.

omelet croissant sand

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