Asparagus-Pesto-Mozzarella Pasta


This is so spring. A fresh pesto (purchased…but by all means make your own. kudos). A bunch of pretty asparagus that finally seems appropriate to eat now that it is spring. Little balls of mozzarella. Whipped together in less then 15 minutes.

And strangely kid friendly. Now the asparagus will give them pause. I just tell them if need be, pick it out and plow forward with the pesto and mozzarella. I was pleasantly surprised how well my kids took to pesto. The two “normal” eaters (not mr. picky) ask for it frequently. And if you can find a good source for homemade pesto, score. I get a great vegan kale pesto from Good Eggs. Of course it is not hard to make, but if I can eliminate something in the cooking process with a product that is delicious and healthy, why not.

You really don’t need a recipe for this one. Boil water and add 1/2 lb of pasta. I used fresh spelt flour rotini pasta also from Good Eggs. You can use any old thing you want, but I would choose a shorter pasta not a long like spaghetti. When there is about 2-3 minutes left in the cooking time, add chopped up asparagus to the pot. If it is thick, add it in for 3-4 minutes, thin- 2 minutes. Still want it to a have a little bite and not be a mushy mess. Drain all of this – then add a few spoonfuls of pesto, stir to see if it is enough, and once it cools a little, add in torn pieces of fresh mozzarella or the little balls (ciliegine) of mozzarella if you can find those. Taste for salt and pepper – will probably need to add salt.

pesto asparagus mozzarella pasta

Awesome warm, cold – perfect for a packed lunch. Or a fast lunch for a weekday at home.

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