Chia Seed-Peanut Butter-Honey Toast


Unsliced, fresh baked bread from a great bakery – many supermarkets produce wonderful loaves – this is what you need for outstanding toast.

I ordered whole wheat pain au lait bread from Runner and Stone via Good Eggs here in Brooklyn. It is the PERFECT bread for toast. It looks like a pullman loaf.

And of course, there are tons of lovely nut butters out there. But my favorite? Simply Jif Creamy. It is like childhood in a jar. The other ingredients, if carefully chosen, will be wonderful additions to your pantry for many dishes.

First-  great honey. Local honey from your farmers market? AWESOME. Or, keep an eye out for Acacia honey. It is hands down, the best tasting honey I have ever had.

Salt. Maldon. Crunchy, flaky salt. You need this. Trust me.

Chia seeds! Throw in everything! Why not!?

Toast some lovely bread, spread on that Jif, drizzle honey over top and then sprinkle with salt and chia seeds.


Keeps you full all morning – it’s a perfect, fast, delicious breakfast.

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