MFC Weekly Menu-Week of March 22


I apologize for missing a week and getting this out late. That’s how things go sometimes. I had a stomach virus on Sunday – doesn’t exactly put you in the mood to meal plan. But some is better then none, here is the rest of the week:


Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: PB&J, veggie chips, banana

Dinner: Chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and corn. I’m still not feeling great so coasting on this one. Bell and Evans frozen chicken fingers are a lifesaver when the cook in the family is still on the mend from being sick.


Breakfast: waffle wednesday

Lunch: waffle sandwiches with cream cheese and jelly, fruit and yogurt

Dinner: whole wheat panko crusted fish sticks, roasted carrots


Breakfast: toad in a hole

Lunch: mac and cheese, fruit

Dinner: dinner out at pizza place


Breakfast: toast and fruit

Lunch: pizza friday

Dinner: crab cakes, broccoli, sriracha mayonnaise


Breakfast: chia seed french toast with mango yogurt

Lunch: grilled cheese

Dinner: take out for kids/date night for parents


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