Grapefruit-Mango-Blueberry Salad


This is as straightforward as the title is. I was trying to think of a different combination of fruits to serve at a little brunch playdate we were having. As I cruised the store, piles of ruby red grapefruits caught my eye. That would be the foundation upon which I built the rest of it. Throw in some ripe mango I found and a container of plump blueberries and voila! Pretty and quite yummy all in one.



Hardest part of this? I would venture to say cutting the grapefruit, which is extremely easy if you have a sharp knife. Cut the top and bottom off the grapefruit so you see a little of the fruit. Then cut down the sides until the rind is gone and fruit is exposed – after the first cut you can use that as a guide to see how deep you need to do. Then cut alongside the membranes separating the pieces and pop them out into a bowl. Do all of this over a bowl to catch all the juice- chef treat! Slug it down.

For the mango, cut down just offset from the middle to avoid the flat oval shaped pit. Then with each half, slice the mango into pieces while still in the skin and then cut the skin a little at top and bottom so you can push it down flat and slide your knife under the cut pieces and dislodge them from the skin.

OR, buy the grapefruit and mango already prepped at your store if you are lucky enough to find that!

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