Spinach-Kale-Ricotta Pesto Pasta with Chickpeas


This was our meatless Monday meal. Emilie and I made it together – she is super into cooking lately and pesto is one of hers and Matty’s favorite toppings for pasta. Will abstains.

This can be super easy – you can get a really nice fresh pesto from the store (in refrigerated section) and combine that entire container with a cup of ricotta cheese and viola! All done. Cook a box of pasta and toss the pesto ricotta sauce over the drained pasta and add in a can of drained and rinsed chickpeas. I did scoop out a coffee mug worth of pasta water before draining the pasta and used a little bit to thin the sauce once I had tossed it with the pasta.


I made my own pesto, which happens sometimes if the stars align. I am just as happy to buy a great one at Whole Foods or Good Eggs. I used my raw spinach pesto recipe but did half spinach and half kale instead of all spinach. Then proceeded as above, combined it with 1 cup of fresh ricotta.


You will want to of course, adjust salt and pepper in the final dish as you prefer. For the grown ups, add in few pinches of crushed red peppers. For the kids? Well you could follow Matty’s lead (he insisted I take a picture of it).


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