MFC Weekly Meal Plan – week of Feb 8


I failed to mention this before. This is my PLANNED meals. If they don’t fit with the reality of the day, or I think of something else I want, or I want to bag the whole cooking deal and get dinner out – I do it. I am not a slave to the meal plan, but it is nice to have something set up in case no other inspiration hits.

Breakfast – sunny side up eggs and toast soldiers
Lunch- naan pizza, carrots, hummus
Dinner – spinach ravioli, arugula salad with chickpeas and avocado

Breakfast – flax seed almond butter banana bread
Lunch – cheese & crackers, strawberries, yogurt
Dinner – taco tuesday

Breakfast – waffles
Lunch – american mac and cheese, broccoli trees and guacamole dip
Dinner – cheese and egg frittata with assorted veggie toppings, smoothies

Breakfast – cereal
Lunch – quesadilla, fruit, yogurt tube
Dinner – chicken parmesan

Breakfast – yogurt, fruit, granola
Lunch – pizza friday
Dinner – homemade chicken fingers, roasted potato wedges

Breakfast – french toast on waffle iron
Lunch – grilled cheese, smoothie
Dinner – take out

Breakfast/Lunch – brunch out at Good Fork
Dinner – meatballs

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