MFC Weekly Meal Plan – Week of January 25th



Breakfast and lunch up for grabs with an early morning birthday party in NJ.

Dinner – Sour cream chicken enchiladas


Breakfast – homemade whole wheat freezer waffles

Lunch – high fiber bagels with cream cheese, fruit and yogurt

Dinner – grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup


Breakfast – english muffins and fruit

Lunch – cashew butter and jelly sandwich, carrots, hummus, fruit

Dinner – taco pizzas on naan ( taco meat with veggies added in, monterey jack on mini naan breads)


Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – cheese and crackers, yogurt, veggies and guacamole, fruit

Dinner – sausage and ricotta pasta, salad


Breakfast – toast and eggs

Lunch – biscuit sandwiches, fruit, cheese

Dinner – dinner out with kids at Toby’s Pizza


Breakfast – oatmeal

Lunch – school lunch for kids

Dinner – crispy mustard-parmesan chicken, sweet potato fries


Breakfast- french toast

Lunch – egg salad

Dinner – take out for kids/date night for parents



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