MFC Weekly Menu – Week of January 4th


Weekend Prep:

Whole Wheat Waffles (or purchase a healthy brand), make a fruit salad, cut up vegetables and pre cook for Tuesday Frittata, make turkey burgers so just have to warm up on Wednesday. Weekday prep is noted with a *.



Breakfast: Whole Wheat Waffles from Freezer (put beef in crockpot)

Lunch: Cinnamon bread cream cheese sandwiches, fruit/kale salad for parents

DinnerSlow Cooker Mexican Beef Tacos (never got to them last week)


Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: grilled cheese, yogurt, fruit for kids, leftover tacos for grown ups

Dinner: Frittata or Quiche, Toast, Salad – (or scrambled eggs with veggies added in)

*(Sweet potatoes for tomorrow take 3-4 hours so either put them in as soon as you get home and take them out before bed, or if you have time to do it tomorrow, do it then)


Breakfast: smoothies and mini bagels with cream cheese

Lunch: whole wheat quinoa flake crepes, yogurt tubes, raisins/salad and smoothie for parents

Dinner: cream cheese-pickle turkey burgers on whole grain english muffins, sweet potatoes from crockpot

*Make biscuits for tomorrow’s lunch


Breakfast: yogurt, granola and fruit

Lunch: whole grain biscuits (from Trader Joe Multigrain Baking and Pancakes Mix), cheese, carrots and hummus

Dinner: tomato chorizo pasta soup and bread


Breakfast: toast and fruit

Lunch: buy lunch at school – pizza day/poached eggs and veggies for parents

Dinner: clean out the fridge quesadilla (whatever leftovers sound appealing with cheese)


Breakfast: pumpkin cream french toast

Lunch: chopped salad

Dinner: date night for parents, pizza order in for kids


Breakfast: omelets and fruit

Lunch: mac and cheese and salad

Dinner: Roast chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes and carrots

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