MFC Weekly Menu: Week of December 29th


I am filled to the brim with sugar, carbs and white flour. Ugh. I need a serious food reboot, as do my kids. We are away until Monday morning, but I am already planning a week of nutrient packed meals to try to counteract the holiday damage (we made a few too many batches of those delicious strawberry butter cookies, and don’t even mention all the pierogies we consumed).

This is definitely one of my goals for 2015 – menu planning. For several reasons:

  1. alleviate the stress of what is for dinner at the end of a long day
  2. better manage grocery shopping and cut down on food waste
  3. better for our health by writing down and being able to look for holes of no fruit or veggies



Breakfast: Aloha vanilla smoothie with greens packet for me/fruit and toast for kids

Lunch: Whole Foods salad bar (we will just be getting back to Brooklyn)

Dinner: Oven Roasted Wild Sockeye Salmon, Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes, Chive-Lemon Vinaigrette drizzled over all of it.

Prep for tomorrow: soak dried chickpeas


Breakfast: Aloha Smoothie with greens packet for me/oatmeal chia pancakes and berries for kids (start pork in slow cooker)

Lunch: Homemade chicken nuggets with quinoa flake/whole wheat panko crumbs, carrots and homemade hummus

Dinner: Slow cooker fresh cranberry pork with sweet potatoes


Breakfast: Aloha Smoothie with greens packet for me/cheese omelets for rest of crew

Lunch: last night dinner leftovers turned into sandwiches

Dinner: 2 Lemon Roasted Chicken (extra for chicken salad), Cauliflower Rice and Pesto Drizzle (thinned out pesto to put on top of any of that)


Breakfast: Aloha Smoothie with greens packet/cereal for little ones

Lunch: Perfect curry chicken salad lettuce wraps

Dinner: fish packets with rice and avocado


Breakfast: poached eggs over tomato and avocado

Lunch: lentils and chorizo spinach soup with goat cheese crumbles

Dinner: take out for kids/date night for parents


Breakfast: whole wheat quinoa flake waffles with apple compote (start slow cooker beef)

Lunch: grilled cheese and salad

Dinner: Slow cooker mexican beef over salad with guacamole and salsa topping


Breakfast: omelets filled with assorted leftovers

Lunch: miso soup with noodles and greens

Dinner: tacos or quesadillas with leftover crockpot beef

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  • Cecilia Bathory

    Nicole! You’re recipes are always amazing! I am struggling recently to come up with the time or energy (mostly the energy) to get anything other than frozen food on the table (working full time teaching pre-school plus having a two and a half year old at home plus being preggo seems to have that effect). Have you ever done a menu like this with the super beginner, easily-overwhelmed chef in mind? Or can you recommend three or four dinners to start with to build my skills (and my family’s nutrition level)?
    Love your blog!
    Your lazy neighbor,

    • Nicole Brier

      I am going to work on that right now! Are you game for doing a little prep on Sunday for the week?