Easy, creamy overnight oatmeal


If you haven’t heard, overnight oats are a total thing. And I have discovered that I actually prefer cold oatmeal – especially when it is just sitting in my fridge, ready to be consumed

MFC Weekly Menu: Week of December 29th


I am filled to the brim with sugar, carbs and white flour. Ugh. I need a serious food reboot, as do my kids. We are away until Monday morning, but I am already planning

Strawberry Jam and Butter Cookies


This recipe is literally from the back of the flour bag – and it turns out these are some freaking delicious cookies! I grabbed a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Unbleached White All Purpose

Perfect Curry Chicken Salad


I made this a few years ago, thrown together with what I thought in my head would make a delicious curry chicken salad. I was correct! My mommy friends and I devoured it during