Butter-Cheese-Tomato Sauce Pasta & A Fridge Peek


I have a really great husband. He assessed the situation at our house this morning quite accurately – I was coughing like a TB patient, exhausted from a week of this insane cough, had 0 patience for our sweet children and the place was trashed. His response? Evacuate everyone to swim lessons and then various adventures. He wins the dad of the day award in my book!

I had to tackle the fridge before my energy reserves – derived solely from Stumptown coffee, were exhausted. I was also motivated by what I just received in the mail – Fit and Fresh fruit and veggie containers. I had been looking for something to make eating our fruits and vegetables even easier – and this is definitely it! Perfect size inside and out.

After that project was complete, I wanted to use some of the opened tomato sauce jar that I dipped into for making flatbread pizza for the kids lunch. Whole Foods has Engine No 2 tomato basil sauce with extra veggies in it that is perfect as a fast every day sauce.

Bottom Shelf - Engine No 2 sauce

Bottom Shelf – Engine No 2 sauce

Add to that, a bunch of random half full pasta boxes and I knew what was on tap for dinner – pasta and sauce. Whenever I make this I add two ingredients to it when mixing it all together once noodles are cooked: butter and parmesan. For this batch, I used half a box of high fiber elbow pasta, 1 cup sauce, 1/2 cup parmesan and 2 tablespoons of butter. Mix all that, taste, add salt and pepper if desired (I tossed some Maldon salt in there and it was exactly what it needed). This pumps up the yum factor quite a bit. Sure, you can put that stuff on top of the noodles and plain sauce, but mixed in makes it more creamy, cheesy- and makes you look like a champ for getting that thrown together in 10 minutes.


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