Smoked Salmon-Egg Sandwich with Honey & Soy Sauce


Prior to the arrival of our sweet little ones, we had the opportunity to travel a bit. One of our last pre-kid trips was to Spain. In Barcelona, we went to this tiny hole in the wall tapas bar where everything was made from cured or canned products. Sounds strange at first, but it was absolutely amazing. You would pick an ingredient or two from behind the glass and the owners would compose little bites inspired by those ingredients.

The standout was a crostini of greek yogurt and smoked salmon with soy and honey drizzled over it. Crazy good – I never thought to combine the saltiness of soy and richness of honey until that moment, but now I do it all the time (i.e. soy and honey asparagus).

That crostini was in my mind when I came up with this breakfast sandwich one weekend morning. It is as simple as it looks and you can totally have your kids help assemble it (even if they don’t eat it or just want some of the stuff in it – get them at least touching ingredients even if they aren’t willing to taste them. Baby steps.):

  1. Toast some nice multigrain bread
  2. Layer of cream cheese on one slice, topped with smoked salmon and soy and honey drizzles
  3. 1/4 of an avocado sliced on other piece of bread, topped with an egg you cooked in a non stick pan with some butter, salt and pepper. Break the yolk while cooking, or make it a little runny – whatever you prefer.
  4. Put it together and it is an explosion of breakfast flavors – is it an egg sandwich? A bagel with lox and cream cheese? Nope – it is a crazy mishmash of both!





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