10 Fast & Easy Summer Meals




1. 8 minute chicken – serve with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and some spinach tossed with lemon and olive oil


2. Home after a long day of play and need to shove a quick but substantial meal into borderline cranky/tired kids? PB&J Oatmeal.


3. Have a windfall of zucchini? This is fast and delicious. Bonus is the kids probably won’t pick up on all that zucchini in there!


4. What is summer without some BBQ? Grab a rotisserie chicken, and whip this healthy BBQ sauce up super fast.


5. A stockpile of ready to go taco meat in your freezer can make this meal happen in a flash: mango-arugula soft tacos. Eggs in the fridge? Scrambled egg veggie tacos!


6. Pizza panini sticks make for an easily transportable meal if you are looking to picnic, or headed out for a long car ride.


7 .Feel guilty about how much pizza you order for the kids, but still have about that same amount of energy to put into making dinner? Try this twist on PB&J and pizza. 


8. No fail fish in foil was one of the earliest recipes I posted on here and it still never gets old. Endless variations and a “fancy” summer meal.


9. How about a turkey burger with a twist that you can make in advance and just warm up. Serve on a multigrain roll alongside some carrots, hummus and fruit and you have a perfectly balanced meal.


10. Ever keep a bag of cooked spaghetti in your fridge? Well you should. Get some whole wheat or farro spaghetti and cook up a batch. Rinse with cold water and throw into a container. Add just a few key items and you can microwave dinner and have it ready in a flash! Check out this delicious spaghetti recipe with broccoli and ricotta. 



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