Lime-Cucumber Mineral Water


I turned 40 on June 16th. Since I still feel 22 in my head, and I thankfully can do pilates twice a week which may be the only thing that keeps me moving and upright, I did not think it was a big deal to turn that age.

But I could not pass up an opportunity for some celebrating with friends and my wonderful husband. So I had a delightful mommy party at our local beer garden the day before my birthday. Blazing sun, 4 beers and 2 sangrias later and the next morning I realized the one downside to 40. It was going to take me days to recover from that. Days. It was pathetic the degree of hangover that induced.

So there I am on my actual birthday and am barely upright. And we have dinner reservations at 9:30. A surprise location – all I knew was that it was to be a marathon meal.

Please note that is my usual bedtime even when I am not hungover.

So I end up getting an amazing birthday gift from my best brooklyn mommy friend that afternoon. She came over and watched mine and her kids and I napped. It was miraculous what a hour long disco nap did for me.

Off to meet the husband and he had made reservations at Eleven Madison Park. 15 courses, all surprises – no menu is given. Tour of the kitchen for my birthday. Hermes scarf for a gift. It was breathtakingly perfect.

We got there early and as we sat at the bar I knew my priority to be as clear headed as possible for this was to rehydrate the best I could. That is where this drink came in.

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I forget the exact name they had for it, but it claimed the only ingredients were the ones listed in the title of this post. It was spectacular. Refreshing, sweet, bright – everything I needed.

So this is my new summer mommy drink. Any mommies (and kids) that stumble into our place after a long day of water play at the park will receive a tall ice filled glass with this.

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Lime-Cucumber Mineral Water
Makes 1 delicious, refreshing, non-alcoholic summer drink
  • Italian Sparkling Mineral Water
  • 2 slices cucumber
  • juice of 1 lime
  • lots of ice
  1. Squeeze juice of 1 lime into a glass filled with ice. Slide a cucumber slice down towards the bottom, fill up with sparkling mineral water and top with another cucumber slice. Gently stir to mix up the lime juice.

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