Spinach Eggs/Green Eggs


I like spinach. I like eggs. In theory I like them together also, but every time I made them it was just chunks of sautéed spinach intertwined with scrambled eggs. Wasn’t really selling me and certainly would not be sold well to the munchkins.

But then inspiration struck. I was going through the Super Hero Cookbook and it had an entry for a green omelet, however to make it green it recommends using green gel.

Ewwwwwww.  I was not going there. But I was going here:

Raw Eggs+Spinach+Blender=Green Eggs!

I did 3-4 eggs and a handful of raw baby spinach, along with a spoonful of creme fraiche and it was perfect.

And as a nod to the super hero cookbook, I did make a Superman symbol with ketchup. Kids loved that.

spinacheggdinner3 (1 of 1)

They are a little foamy because you do have to blend it for a bit to get all the spinach processed. Blend as slow as you can and if you have the patience let it sit for a bit. I don’t, so I just pour it into the pan right from the blender. If you don’t have creme fraiche, use sour cream, cream cheese or nothing. But the dairy mellows out the spinach taste just enough to balance everything nicely.

It appears to be some evolutionary survival instinct for little people to not like green food, but this worked on 2/3 kids like a charm! The toughest eater enjoyed his toast and fruit for dinner while the other two crushed the eggs. I did refer to them as green eggs (also leprechaun eggs around St. Patty’s) and that helped with having them try them. The “spinach” word scares them. They have seriously asked for them about half a dozen times in the past few weeks.

This is so flexible also. I have made it with raw baby spinach, raw regular spinach, defrosted quick in the microwave chopped spinach from the freezer – all turned out the same.

This makes breakfast for dinner even more appealing to me since that serving of vegetables is the star.

Spinach Eggs/Green Eggs
Serves 2 adults for 3 kids
  • 4 raw eggs
  • handful of raw baby spinach or 1/4 cup of defrosted and water squeezed out frozen chopped spinach
  • spoonful creme fraiche, sour cream or cream cheese
  • salt and pepper
  1. Blend all the ingredients together at a slow speed until spinach is completely integrated into the eggs.
  2. Cook over medium low heat in a non stick buttered pan.



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