Fastest Salad Ever


I would love to eat a big, beautifully composed and thought out salad every day for lunch. Just doesn’t happen. I feel like I am always grabbing lunch super fast while managing Matty or eating after he falls asleep for a nap and I have a million other things I need to do.

This was SO fast and easy to make and consume. It really comes down to good shopping. I purchased low carb wraps that had just a few ingredients in them – and all recognizable! I then grabbed a small head of red lettuce from Whole Foods. I am kinda obsessed with peppadew peppers and always have them in my fridge. I see them at almost every olive bar that I peek at from the basic grocery store to the fancy ones. I must ask that you try them, really add such an interesting sweet/spicy punch of flavor.

I basically deconstructed the salad dressing, spreading a layer of mild and creamy dijon on the bottom of the wrap, and then on top of the bursting layer of greens, squeezed fresh lemon juice and sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil – salt and pepper of course. Then topped with avocado and peppadew and wrapped up (well best I could – it was bursting with salad greens!). Even Matty thought it looked good- he makes this crazy slurping sound when he thinks something is yummy. It’s hysterical.

So this is my new go-to fast salad lunch option. Hope you try it also.

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