Dressed Up Apple Slices


We go through A LOT of apples here. And the kids go through phases of how they like to eat them – for a period of time it was all peeled but not cut, now it is either sliced up or not peeled or cut, but with a bite taken out to get it started. It is hard to keep track – I always confirm how they want the darn apple delivered so to avert a food disaster over wrong presentation. If I include them in packed lunches, they are sliced with skin on and I squeeze lemon juice all over them to prevent browning.

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I choose only organic apples because apples are on the dirty dozen foods list.  My absolute favorite apple is Honeycrisp – but they are so expensive to get organically that I get them just as an occasional treat. I usually grab a bag of gala organic apples.

I was bringing apple slices to a play date and wanted to do something a little different. There are endless combinations you can do with this idea – a creamy nut butter or cheese with something crunchy on top of it. Here are suggestions-first two are the ones I made this time:

  • Nutella and Vanilla-Almond Granola (with a tiny sprinkle of Maldon Salt)
  • Almond butter with freeze dried pineapple (near other dried fruits in store usually)
  • Biscoff Spread with freeze dried raspberries
  • Cream cheese with cocoa dusted on it
  • Mascarpone with crushed walnuts and drizzle of honey (with a tiny sprinkle of Maldon Salt)
  • Peanut butter with organic cocoa rice crispies
  • Cashew butter and dried cherries or cranberries (with a tiny sprinkle of Maldon Salt)

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To pack these up for travel, find a small container that will prevent from sliding around. Put down one layer, add piece of wax or parchment paper and put the next layer on top of that. Repeat.

Great for lunches, after school snacks or a mid morning snack for mommy…

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