MFC Food Diary – Kelly, along with her minions (aka sweet kids), James & Owen


I have made some utterly fabulous mommy friends here in Brooklyn. Kelly would be one of them, despite the fact she lives in NJ now. I will let her slide on ditching us for an adorable house and life in the suburbs. I adore her so much I frequently invite myself out to visit her and her little ones. We met through our babysitters when her oldest was still baby James and her sweet little munchkin Owen hadn’t made an appearance yet.

I asked her to share two days of her food dairy with us – every time we have dined at her house on playdates I have been impressed with what she gives both her kids and the adults to eat. It is healthy, unprocessed foods but with twists that I want to start to incorporate – such as raw honey and peanut butter sandwiches??! Brilliant. Saute up some black beans and onions with eggs on top for lunch? Yes, I will be expecting that on our next mommy play date. Steaming instead of microwaving leftovers so to not dry them out? never. thought. of. that. Adding to repertoire.

So between drinking soy lattes, she generously emailed me a food dairy and pics of their meals. We can learn a lot from having a peek into what happens in other people’s kitchens.  The fact that she is one of the funniest mommies I know is simply a bonus for all of you.

Without further ado, presenting Kelly and her little one’s food dairy:

Day 1:
This morning I was awakened in the usual way, one of my two boys calling for me. Or calling for my husband. or, if neither of us respond quickly enough to suit them, one or both of them hollering “mommydaddy!” until they get the satisfaction of seeing one of us shuffle into their room.
First thing everyday is hugs and kisses for the boys. The second thing that immediately follows as soon as humanly possible is a soy latte. Only an emergency of the 911 variety can divert me from my beeline to the espresso machine. I have made lattes many times with both boys clinging to my legs crying hysterically about some or other non-life-threatening issue. What? It’s not like they were bleeding.
We pretty much exclusively use Stumptown Hairbender beans to make espresso and I like Silk original soy milk.
So once my latte was in hand, I offered the boys drinks and snacks. These are to tide them over until I am awake enough to make breakfast. Today, Owen who is two wanted a cup of milk and some Puffins-we do a lot of snacking on Barbara’s Puffins cereal.  James who is almost 4 declined a drink and asked for cheese. I gave him two slices of American cheese.
We enjoyed these while watching some Sesame Street and My Little Pony. After my latte was done and James had eaten 4 slices of cheese and was asking for more, I decided it was time for breakfast.
My husband rob gave the boys breakfast while I went out for a run. I ate a bowl of Puffins with almond milk before I left. They had bagels and cream cheese left over from their uncle’s brunch visit yesterday and fruit. They ate a lot more of the fruit than the bagels, case in point, here is a photo of James’ “eaten” bagel.kelly1 (1 of 1)They had melon and berries. I am continually astonished by the enormous amount of fruit, and particularly berries, these boys consume on a daily basis.
Chaos ensued as we tried to get out of the house on time and in presentable condition for the boys dentist appointments.  We were late. Of course.  I grabbed some almonds raisins and cashews to eat in the car. I am happy to report that the boys were angelic at the dentist. They are pretty amiable kids but the dentist himself is angelic so I think that helps. Hilariously, his name is Dr. Sugarman.
We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home where I obtained another soy latte. Way better lattes than Starbucks if you have to go with a chain store latte btw.
At home after that it was clearly time for lunch, lots of whining, wailing and flailing.  The current number one lunch at our house is a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Vermont bakery organic soft wheat bread, organic (sweetened) peanut butter and raw honey. They each ate a whole sandwich. I offered them baby carrots and hummos as well. Owen said yes but only ate a half a carrot and James declined, saying he doesn’t like carrots. When I reminded him that he ate a dozen baby carrots the day before, he drew my attention to the Spider-Man costume he was wearing and reminded me that he was not James, and informed me that Spider-Man does not like carrots. Later into the meal, he took off the costume and accepted the carrots. They also each ate a tangerine while I read them “this is not my hat”.  A fantastic book given to us by the great Nicole Paduch Brier.
kelly2 (1 of 1)kelly3 (1 of 1)
I drank my latte, evidenced below.
kelly4 (1 of 1)The boys asked for a treat when they were done and I gave them some Annies bunny fruit snacks.  After lunch, chaos ensued but of a more playful less flailing nature. Oh and I ate some lunch too, a tangerine and a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich. Same Vermont bread, mustard, turkey, American and cheddar cheeses.
I baked some chicken pieces and sweet potatoes that they could eat for dinner. When I bake chicken I brush it with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper kosher salt and rosemary.
kelly5 (1 of 1)
I am a psychotherapist and today is one of the days I see clients. I asked our babysitter to keep track of what the boys eat while I’m gone. Before heading to the office I stopped at Grumpy on 20th street for a -guess what? Soy latte!
I ate dinner at my beloved Westville restaurant in Chelsea near my office. Grilled salmon, mixed greens and French fries. Yum!
When I got home I learned that the boys had apple slices and milk during the afternoon and ate the chicken and sweet potatoes I made along with some frozen green beans the babysitter prepared. James ate well apparently and Owen pulled the usual, not eating much dinner and running around wigging out instead.  He doesn’t nap anymore, although he absolutely needs to. I’ve tried every legally acceptable method of getting him to nap and nothing works, so by dinner time he’s a lunatic.  Oh well, we’ll try again in the morning!
Day 2:
Today began in the other usual way, both boys already in our bed when I woke up. Owen woke up crying around 4:30 with a leaky diaper. I changed him and got him out of his wet jammies but didn’t have it in me to also change his sheets and get him back in his crib. Then at 6:30 James wanted to come into the “big bed” too.  Can’t really deny one when the other is already blissed out in the covers with mommydaddy.
James quickly fell back asleep but by 7:15 Owen and I were ready to get up.
Latte time! I tried to distract Owen with milk which he accepted but didn’t drink and still wanted to be held. Unlike my friend and mentor Nicole, I cannot debone a fish which holding a 30 lb toddler. So today I tried something new, I put him on the step ladder nearby me so he could “help” me make my latte. That worked well, only because his brother was not awake to fight with him about who could stand on the step ladder. It put him in position however to see a snack cup leftover from the other day full of cashews and goldfish. He asked for it, I gave it to him. I don’t typically condone goldfish first thing in the morning but cashews are good and I hadn’t finished my latte yet. Needless to say, he ate the goldfish and not the cashews.  And then asked for more goldfish.  By then I’d had my latte so I lied and said we were out of them.

By 8:00, James was still asleep, so I had the first time experience of waking up a sleeping child. School today, no choice. I made some pancakes while James got up and ate a banana. Please don’t get excited when I say pancakes, they are essentially camouflage cakes for a bunch of healthy stuff. Arrowhead Mills multi-grain pancake mix, canola oil, almond milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, Vega protein powder, mashed banana and maple syrup.

kelly7 (1 of 1)
I eat them dry, kind of like muffin tops. I give the boys a little additional pool of maple syrup on their plates to dip them in. We got through the whole batch in about 4 minutes.
While they were eating I made James’ lunch, wheat bread applegate sliced roasted chicken and American cheese for the sandwich, carrots and raspberries. seen here before school:
kelly6 (1 of 1)
and here, after school:kelly8 (1 of 1)More than half sandwich left surprised me, he usually eats more. The raspberries never had a chance of coming back home and I think he ate about half the carrots. Perhaps he was spider man for half of lunchtime. Now, after school, James gets a treat. Why? Because he deserves it? No. Because it’s a good idea? No. Because it’s the only way to get him into the car and buckled into his seat. When Owen and I pick James up from school, the boys do one of two things: both collapse, regress and insist on being carried to the car (physically impossible for me) or they run like maniacs in opposite directions and refuse to go to the car. The promise of a treat for both in the car (only once they are both buckled in!) helps keep pick up time from being a harrowing mortifying disaster hour. So! having refused his lunch at a convenient time (before pick up) Owen therefore got a lollipop before eating lunch. Awesome. Here’s how that looked:kelly9 (1 of 1)Then he put down the lollipop and ate the wholesome lunch. riiiiiiiight.
He actually ended up eating half the sandwich and a few raisins. Then an army guy named Engine came by looking for grub and came across the remains of Owens lunch. He ate the sandwich pieces that we’re left but not the raisins. Apparently Engine is allergic to raisins. I asked if I could take Engines photo but he said no.
Just realized I haven’t eaten lunch.
I sautéed black beans with olive oil and garlic, plopped some Chavrie goat cheese on the beans then topped with 2 fried eggs. I also ate some chips and salsa. Whole Foods yellow corn chips -not that great and Frontera jalepeno cilantro salsa-great!
kelly10 (1 of 1)
Owen became interested in food again when he saw mine and asked for chips, goat cheese and egg.
Since I’m submitting my menu to a blog, I briefly considered making a new dinner for the boys, even though there is plenty left over from last night. Then I thought, oh for gods sake, don’t be THAT guy. So I’m reheating the chaos is reasonably manageable, I take the few extra minutes to steam leftovers instead of microwave. I kind if hate the microwave but really can’t live without it. I started preparing dinner around 5 when the boys started asking for snacks. James had a banana and Owen some almonds cashews and raisins while I cooked. I put their food on the table, and after chasing Owen around for a few minutes, they were both eating. or so I thought. I was in the kitchen and I heard the suspiciously positive sound of them chanting “yum, yum, yum”. I decided to investigate and discovered that they were throwing pieces of food on the floor each time they said yum. Hilarious.
They ate almost none of the food but drank milk. At bedtime, James became miraculously hungry but I told him to forget it. Owen is now asleep and James is trying to see if he can put all of his underpants onto his stuffed cow at the same time. I am eating pretzels and hummos for dinner (WF hummos, my favorite) and getting periodic updates on the cow underpants project. I am totally over it.
The End!


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