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I am totally obsessed with the Grub Street Diet. Whenever I realize I have a few extra moments at the computer I scroll through them and read about all these models and actors juicing and eating kale. Regardless of the requisite eye rolling from some of the crazy things people say and eat in them, I am still hooked. I think having a peek into what people eat during the day is fascinating. I love asking people what they are making for dinner, eating lunch with them to see what they choose and grilling them about their smoothie habits. I almost made my fabulous brooklyn mommy friend text me a picture of her nutrient dense breakfast cereal bowl she eats every day – but I just showed up one day and caught a live version of it.

So I thought it would be interesting to have various families share what they are eating during the day here on the blog. I am going to be inviting friends/bloggers/readers to participate and share so we can all get ideas of how to incorporate new foods or different habits into their life (i.e. the nutrient dense cereal bowl – I have that several times a week now!). If you are interested in participating in this little project please do not hesitate to contact me!

Here is mine – I did two days, New Years Day and Jan 2, first day back to school (yippee!!)

January 1, 2014

Our new years day started at 5am with Will, our 4 yr old, screaming and tantruming for food/cartoons- you name it. Super pleasant way to start the day.

I hunkered down with Em and Matty in our bed while Gabe ran defense on the crazy boy.  Around 6am Matty started his I am very hungry routine so I gave him a siggis strawberry yogurt tube (love these!! Low sugar and kids like them a lot) to pacify the increasingly angry 2 yr old.

Will finally dialed it back around 6:45am. Gabe went back to bed and I made Will a Food for Life 7 Sprouted Grains English Muffin (1/2 of one) with a little butter, bit more almond butter and raspberry jelly. Also took advantage of his “I’m starving!!” status and whipped up a organic cherry-blueberry-spinach smoothie with unsweetened almond milk and chocolate Vega powder. He crushed it. Had 3 cups of it.

Emilie wanted oatmeal and that takes 5 minutes and since it was a leisurely morning I was doing the short order cook thing. Quaker oats with flax seed added in and maple syrup on top. She also polished off the last few spoonfuls of Stonyfield Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt (she calls it ice cream yogurt – very appropriate considering the sugar content).

Matty had another siggis yogurt tube, few spoonfuls of Stonyfield yogurt and 1 bite of the the other half of Will’s english muffin breakfast. Perhaps a sip or two of smoothie.

I had 2 glasses of water, a 1 Tablespoon of E3Live, about a cup of the smoothie I made Will and cup of coffee with some whole milk. Trying to do the vegan before 6 gig after watch Forks over Knives. Fudged a bit with the milk in the coffee. Also that whole New Years healthy eating thing kicking in. Past few months have not been kind to my body with the lack of sleep and perhaps excess cookie intake. So dialing things back and getting fit and healthy for the 40th birthday coming up in June.

Defrosting organic chicken thighs from Whole Foods to throw in crock pot with tomato sauce for…something. Not sure what. And I need to thank a showing of Wall-E for the time to quickly write the above words. Back for lunch update.

10am- 3/4 of a small apple with spoonful biscoff and dried pineapple for me. The more tired I am the more biscoff spread I consume. I am really tired right now. Whole wheat mac and cheese (my American Mac and Cheese recipe) leftovers for Em and Matty. Matty’s served cold with ketchup and Emilie’s warmed up. This is what happens on a lazy morning at home. And they each had a spoonful of biscoff spread.

1245- I napped for an hour and came out to find the twins ate almond butter and jelly on whole wheat and Matty ate some crockpot pizza chicken (what my crockpot experiment turned into). I gave out some dried mango to the crowd and had a coffee with little cocoa powder, vanilla and almond milk.

230pm- kids had american cheese slices. I had my lunch while they watched spiderman and his amazing friends – whole wheat low carb tortilla with hummus-1/4 avocado, 2 handfuls kale, lemon juice and 3 broccoli florets broken up. Topped with sriracha. 2 glasses water.

wraplunch (1 of 1)

3:30-kids has a little buffet of snacks – milk, chickpeas, carrots, goldfish and dried fruit. Picked at it until 4 when I took it all away. I made a kinda cafe au lait thing with almond milk for myself.

(Side bar- Gabe went into work after my brief nap so that is why he is not included in the diary.)

5pm-I serve dinner on a lazy susan for the kids to choose what they want. Tonight there was buttered brown rice, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, bananas, pizza chicken (chicken that cooked in the crockpot with marinara and mozzarella) and poached eggs (request by Emilie put in at 8am today) and Carrs whole wheat crackers. I put the chicken in a whole wheat wrap and cut it in half for Will – thought maybe he would find it more appealing. Wrong. Cranky tired kid ate some crackers. Em ate some cauliflower and poached eggs and Matty ate chicken and brown rice. I ate the other half of the whole wheat chicken wrap I gave Will.

6pm – Kids had a bedtime snack of pumpkin flax seed chocolate chip muffins and water.

7pm- I had a bedtime snack of an apple, 1/2 cup 0% greek yogurt, spoonful biscoff and 1/4 cup almond-dark chocolate granola.  Oh, and a seltzer and xanax. That was immediately after bedtime at 630. Holy cow I needed that.

January 2, 2014

615am- kids have whole wheat pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (these but substituted ground flax seed for wheat germ and low fat sour cream for yogurt), banana and Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s for breakfast. I have a cup of coffee with splash whole milk

730am-taking kids to school. They will now be in a food abyss where I am not sure exactly what they eat. I can examine the leftovers of their lunch for some evidence but they also get breakfast, 2 snacks and lunch served at their public school (in addition to the lunch I pack for them they can have stuff off school lunch). And of course no feedback as to what was served or what they ate. For their lunch I packed a whole wheat pumpkin muffin, organic apple slices, greek yogurt with little jam mixed in and granola.

8:45am – Matty and I go to the new Whole Foods that opened in Brooklyn. He had been requesting banana bread from Baked which is this amazing bakery by the twins school. But was dropping Gabe off at subway station and we were closer to Whole Foods then there. He managed to make due with their version of a cronut. Which is not that great. He had 2 or 3 bites of that. I had an almond milk cappuccino with dash vanilla syrup. Matty had a pack of Annie’s Bunny Grahams honey while shopping (his find while cruising aisles and did not want a meltdown in middle of Whole Foods so I acquiesced). And a round of baby bell cheese.

Noon – Matty and I had brown rice lunch bowls. He had that crockpot pizza chicken and avocado on his rice and I had roasted broccoli & cauliflower, handful chickpeas, dollops of hummus and avocado and Braggs Liquid Amino Acids on top.

mattylunch (1 of 1) mylunchbowl (1 of 1)

I had a banana after I wrestled (literally) Matty down for a nap. Packed a snack of berries and freeze dried fruit and baby bell cheese for kids post school and bunny grahams for them. I ate some of the fruit while packing that.

Lunchtime for Gabe – I packed a lunch for Gabe to have at work so I know what his meal was. Brown rice, roasted cauliflower and crockpot pizza chicken.

1:45pm- decided I needed something sweet before waking Matty and getting kids at school.  Used a little glass drinking cup to help keep portion size small and put a little dried strawberry and granola in there with a splash unsweetened almond milk.

230pm – kids ate bunny grahams in car on way to speech therapy. Were not interested in my lovely fruit medley. Matty and Emilie ate the cheese.

430/5pm -home and kids want dinner. First made a spinach-mixed berry smoothie with chocolate Vega powder for them to drink while making dinner. Will and Matty had some. Em turned it down. Used spelt flour tortilla and sliced mozzarella cheese to make quesadillas for them. On lazy susan I put cut up bell peppers and carrots with hummus, avocado and sliced hardboiled egg, bowl of organic raspberries and brown rice with butter. Will ate 2 quesadilla’s dipped in ketchup for dinner. Matty ate few bites quesadilla, lots of brown rice and avocado. Em ate egg, raspberries, the tiniest bite possible of quesadilla. She had a big glass of 2% organic milk also. I had a tablespoon of E3Live while preparing dinner for them.

5pm – I sat down and ate dinner with them – it is either eat with them or eat at 8pm once they are in bed and I am done cleaning up. Had the same brown rice bowl I had for lunch, minus avocado and hummus, added in crockpot pizza chicken.

6pm – gave them organic vanilla animal crackers for bedtime snack.

7pm- Had pumpkin chocolate chip muffin for dessert before going to meeting at a local coffee shop for Matty’s new preschool coop. I also made dinner for Gabe who was on his way home. Didn’t have rice or chicken left so used up some turkey breast that we had to make him sandwiches. Two of them made with whole wheat bread with turkey, cheese and super spicy mustard on one, mayonnaise mixed with jalapeño pesto on the other. Crudite and hummus. He had some animal crackers for dessert I later found out.

7:45pm- Had a hazelnut-vanilla coffee with soy milk at that meeting. Needed it to get through meeting semi awake. Caffeine has no affect on my sleep no matter how late I drink it.


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