Homemade Pierogies


This is my most treasured recipe. Growing up, on every Christmas Eve, my grandparents (nannie and pop pop) would turn their kitchen into a pierogi making factory. Every year I got to either watch

Dressed Up Apple Slices


We go through A LOT of apples here. And the kids go through phases of how they like to eat them – for a period of time it was all peeled but not cut,

MFC Food Diary – Kelly, along with her minions (aka sweet kids), James & Owen


I have made some utterly fabulous mommy friends here in Brooklyn. Kelly would be one of them, despite the fact she lives in NJ now. I will let her slide on ditching us for

Black Bean Brownies. Seriously. Try it.


I don’t make too many desserts, not because I am watching the kids sugar intake, but because I have like NO control around sweets. It is a result of the chronic mommy tiredness and

Citrus Roasted Carrots


I currently want to roast every vegetable I can get my hands on. Making carrots appealing for me was the selling point. Growing up my families favorite vegetable dish was mashed carrots with butter and

Seriously Perfect Vegan Red Lentil Soup


Lentils. I feel like I am reading everywhere how wonderful and healthy they are and suggestions on ways to incorporate them. I just saw a great recipe for a tahini-lentil gig that I am

Modern Family Food Diary – Nicole & Crew


I am totally obsessed with the Grub Street Diet. Whenever I realize I have a few extra moments at the computer I scroll through them and read about all these models and actors juicing