Thanks on Thanksgiving


I am forever thankful for my family and my loved ones.

But beyond that, I am so grateful and thankful for every single one of you who take time to read my little blog here.

I have interpreted what my kids are thankful for since they are too busy watching Batman and fighting with each other to answer themselves:

willside (1 of 1)
Will: I am thankful that my mom gives me hot dogs (organic nitrate free!) and pizza on a fairly regular basis. And oh yeah, Transformers. Especially Optimus Prime. I guess all this speech therapy she is working hard to get me is ok also. (she made me say that last part)

embat (1 of 1)

Emilie: I am thankful my mommy lets me wear a batman shirt to school almost. every. day. And that she has patience with me when I freak out since I am just a mini version of her. And oh yeah ice cream yogurt (stonyfield french vanilla). I love that stuff.
matty (1 of 1)
Matty: I am thankful my mommy hasn’t tried to return me in lieu of my latest toddler performances. And that she crams herself in my toddler bed every night – multiple times – to calm me down and help me sleep.
(*shhhh: I’m really thankful for chocolate milk and apple juice but since they have abandoned me for the past week, I wanted to make sure they knew how much I loved them and hoping they come back soon)

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