Whole Wheat Panko Crusted Fish Sticks


I prefer making fish sticks over homemade chicken nuggets any day of the week. Why? It is same process as chicken but WAY faster. I always have to finish my chicken in the oven after pan frying – not the case with fish. Done super quick and no oven needed. It is faster then buying frozen ones and baking them!

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And my little sweet picky eater? Who is currently taking applications for a new mommy because he is mad I won’t feed him just pizza and hot dogs? Yup, 4 servings of this. He was a fish eating machine.

My secret ingredient is whole wheat panko crumbs. The larger crumb of panko makes it crunchier. If you can’t find whole wheat panko, at least give regular panko a try. Makes all the difference.

I make this all the time – pics are actually from an end of summer dinner. I made it last night and my 2 1/2 yr old Matty, did the entire breading process – fish into flour, eggs and panko. I put them into the hot pan. He was so thrilled – so get the kids involved! I am much less freaked out about having kids handle raw fish then raw chicken.

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For they side dish I put broccoli florets in a pan with splash of water and and cooked over high heat until water evaporated and broccoli turned bright green. Then put into a bowl and mixed with avocado chunks and drizzled with olive oil and salt. Also whipped up my American Mac and Cheese with whole wheat pasta.

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Whole Wheat Panko Crusted Fish Sticks
  • 1-2lb of flounder or other white firm fish cut into desired size (chunks or strips)
  • whole wheat panko crumbs (start with cup or so in bowl – add more as needed)
  • white whole wheat flour or whole wheat flour (same as crumbs)
  • 2 eggs mixed with little water
  • salt and pepper
  • canola oil for shallow frying
  1. Salt and pepper the cut up fish. In 3 shallow bowls put panko, flour and eggs.
  2. Heat up pan over medium high heat. Add 2-3 tablespoons of canola oil.
  3. While that is heating up, first dip fish into flour, dust off excess, dip in egg – let excess drip off and then into the panko. I usually let the kids help me with this and they love it!
  4. Repeat with enough pieces to fit in the pan and then test the oil – sprinkle a breadcrumb or two and see if it starts frying up. If it does, put the breaded fish in pan. Cook until you see the translucent color still visible on side of fish turn opaque – maybe 2 minutes. Depends on your heat. Flip over and same on other side. Add more oil to pan if it looks dry.
  5. Remove and put onto paper towel to absorb any excess oil. I usually take tongs and grab crumbled up paper towel and wipe out fallen off crumbs/oil into a large bowl and then add new oil for next batch.
  6. Viola! All done. And so delicious. For grown ups mix a little mayo and sriracha together for dipping – ketchup is sufficient for little people.

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