Easy & Fast Mascarpone Pasta Sauces


I made the unfortunate discovery that napping with my little one every afternoon did not make the end of the day easier in terms of dinner/cleaning/etc. So yesterday I was a grown up and let him sleep while I made dinner and did some house stuff. I am going to give myself at least two days a week to snuggle with that man, but I was so scarred from the previous evenings race to make dinner, I knew yesterday could not be one of those days.

I picked up some really nice stuffed pasta’s at BJ’s Wholesale Club a month or so ago. An organic spinach and cheddar tortellini and a tomato/spinach ravioli by Cooking Light. I was really impressed with both of the pasta’s taste and texture – and they are such a savior for a quick dinner. Out of the freezer, into the boiling water.

The only struggle I had was the sauces. I just couldn’t bring myself to dump a jar of tomato sauce on them since I was doing so little work to make the dinner in the first place. I found a solution that takes as much time as opening a jar of sauce and dumping it on, but tastes a gazillion times better.

Mascarpone. It is the solution to a different sort of delicious sauce, one that will make anything you top it with just that more interesting…

mascarpone (1 of 1)

You can find it in the dairy/cheese section of most markets. I made two packages of pasta and split the container in half between the two different sauces.

They were so easy you don’t even need an official recipe. First one – 1 cup of either tomato sauce or strained tomatoes and 1/2 of mascarpone container. Salt and pepper (I skipped pepper b/c sometimes the little ones don’t like it):

marscarponetomatopasta (1 of 1)My pasta eaters- Matty and Emilie – CRUSHED this. Served it with whole grain roll, applesauce and yogurt for dessert. This would be great for a lunch box meal – in a insulated container to keep it warm.

Second dish for the grown ups: 1 ripe tomato chopped up and put into pan with TBS of heated up olive oil. Cook for a minute or two, add 1/2 of mascarpone container and TBS of pesto. Squirt of lemon if you have it on hand. Taste for salt and pepper:

pestomascarponeravpint (1 of 1)

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  • Sabiha Shithi

    Nice recipe ! I’m gonna try it at home. Thanks for sharing