A stress free packing lunch plan & Naan Pizza


I have seriously enjoyed packing lunches this week because of two things:

1. having everything packed and ready to go the night before

2. following the same plan every week for what to pack on which days

This is the schedule I am following for packing lunches:

Monday: Muffin Monday – I almost always have a batch of muffins stashed in freezer, or I make time to whip up a batch at some point over the weekend.

sweetpotmuffinlunch2 (1 of 1)

Tuesday: Tapas Tuesday (variety of little bites:cheese/crackers/Kind bar/granola)

lunchbox2 (1 of 1)

Wednesday: Waffle (breakfast for lunch) Wednesday -I have a bunch of these delicious waffles frozen currently: http://modernfamilycooking.com/breakfast/whole-wheat-quinoa-flakes-waffles/. After those are gone, pancakes-cereal-french toast: all options for Wednesday breakfast for lunch.

waffle lunch (1 of 1)

Thursday: Sandwich Thursday

sandwich lunch (1 of 1)

Friday: Pizza Friday

pizza lunch (1 of 1)

I make my best effort to include a variety of fruit and vegetables throughout the week. Cutting them into different shapes and including hummus or some sort of dip is my goal also – sometimes achieved, sometimes not. Prepping a bunch on the weekend is one way to make it happen.

I remember loving Friday lunches while in school because it was always pizza friday. My grandmother, who I called Nannie, was one of the most important figures in my life after my parents. I spent so much time with her and learned so much about life from her. She was the head cook of an elementary school for 47 years. We always had a stash of school chicken nuggets and french bread pizza in our freezer from her supply. The quality was different then and we loved these meals.

So to honor that memory, I am doing pizza friday’s for the kids. The last two fridays I have made Naan pizza the night before while I had the oven on for dinner. I let it cool on the counter and then cut it up and stash in their lunches. I don’t warm it up the next day – by lunch the chill is off the pizza and the Naan crust prevents it from getting soggy. I have even eaten a leftover slice at 3pm after school and it was still delicious!

Naan Pizza
  • packaged Naan – whole wheat if possible (in the bakery section of store)
  • organic tomato sauce
  • block of mozzarella cheese – not fresh – grated
  • finely shredded veggie of your choice – optional – (I used zucchini this week, nothing last week)
  1. Oven to 400.
  2. Naan onto baking sheet. Spread thin layer of sauce and then a thin layer of finely shredded vegetables and then cover with cheese.
  3. Bake about 10 minutes or until melted.
  4. Cool and pack in lunch.


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