Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl


I have found it very helpful to cook up batches of brown rice (short grain is my favorite), portion into freezer bags and tuck away for a quick defrost whenever I need it.

I also procured the largest bag of broccoli ever from BJ’s and am determined to use up every last floret. I have been preparing that in advance and have been very pleased with how it holds up. This is what I do:

Large skillet over medium high heat. 2-3 Tablespoons olive oil into pan. Broccoli in, salt and pepper and 1/2 cup water. Cook over high, occasionally stirring, for just a few minutes until they turn that brilliant bright green. All the water should have evaporated by this point. Put into containers in fridge.

This is what led to one of the most satisfying, filling breakfasts I have had in quite a while. I foresee this entering the rotation as an option any time of the day.

eggbrricebrocc (1 of 1)

Scoop of brown rice and broccoli – heat in microwave.  Poach an egg this way:

Sprinkle some soy sauce or tamari on brown rice and broccoli. Top with egg, bit more of soy sauce and squirt of sriracha. For kid crew I left off sriracha (except for Matty who commandeered my bowl and ate it, occasionally gasping for water because of the spicy factor). For Emilie I just did poached egg per her request. Lets not even discuss Will’s opinion on this breakfast.

eggbrownricebrocem (1 of 1)eggbrownricebrocmatty (1 of 1)

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