Roasted Vegetables: Grilled Cheese and Mozzarella/Chickpea Salad


I am totally on the roasted vegetable bandwagon. It is fascinating how heat can transform any vegetable into a richer, deeper, sweeter tasting specimen. And it is fast – I cranked the heat to 400 and my delicate summer veggies were roasted in 20 minutes. Tossed in a container of mozzarella pearls and can of chickpeas – some coarse salt and voila! It’s a side salad, main dish salad once tossed with some arugula and a squeeze of lemon and olive oil. Add some pasta and it is a main dish. If you are daring – add a dollop of hummus on top of the pasta concoction – incredible!

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Now, something else to do with this delicious pile of veggies. Grilled Cheese. On sprouted whole wheat bread. Sliced Jalapeño Monterey Jack Cheese – 2 slices – and some roasted tomatoes, asparagus and broccoli. Smear of dijon mustard underneath the cheese provides a tangy counterbalance to the veggies. Sprinkle of salt, preferably Maldon, on the veggies. Butter both sides of the bread and cook over medium heat until all is melted.

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Roasted Vegetables: Grilled Cheese and Mozzarella/Chickpea Salad
  • 2 containers cherry tomatoes
  • bundle of asparagus cut into 2″ pieces
  • 1 head of broccoli cut into florets
  • 1 container fresh mozzarella pearls (or regular torn into small pieces)
  • 1 can of chickpeas rinsed
  • Olive oil
  • Maldon or sea salt
  • For Grilled Cheese:
  • Sprouted bread
  • butter
  • jalapeno monterey jack sliced
  • roasted vegetables
  • dijon mustard
  1. Oven to 400.
  2. On a large sheet pan, lined with aluminum foil, spread out all the vegetables, drizzle with olive oil, toss and sprinkle with salt. Into oven – check after 20 minutes.
  3. Let cool and add mozzarella and chickpeas – salt and pepper.
  4. For grilled cheese, dijon mustard on one side, layer 2 slices of jalapeño jack cheese, top with roasted vegetables, sprinkle those with salt and butter outsides of the bread. Cook over medium heat and flip gently so to not lose any veggies. If you do have some roll out, just jam them back in.


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