Sometimes this is dinner


We are leaving for a few days at my in-laws lake house. I feel like I am trying to move an army regiment with all the stuff these little people require. Couple that with being out of the house all day and just kinda not inspired or in the mood tonight for dinner and you have a fast, nothing fancy dinner. I have at least one of these a week where I keep things super simple – grilled cheese, fruit and veggie pirate booty is a favorite of the crew. Breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs, fast pancakes, even cereal and fruit. Order pizza in (or even head out to local pizza shop for a slice) if things are really breaking down here. And of course hot dogs is always an easy go-to.

Usually I make my american cheese mac and cheese because it honestly takes no longer then the boxed stuff. However, out of cheese and not going to stock up right before leaving. Hence, the back up box.

I am not going to deny my kids foods that they are naturally drawn to – hot dogs, bread products, chocolate – but I am going to make sure I purchase the healthiest options on the market for them.

For bread I buy for every day use Food for Life brand which is in your refrigerated or freezer section. I transitioned them to this from the fluffy whole wheat bread in the regular bread aisle by serving it first as toast with jelly and butter or a nut butter. Now they eat all their sandwiches – toasted or not- on this bread.

For hot dogs, ideally I look for grass fed, organic dogs (and whole wheat hot dog rolls). The farmers market meat guy sells them as does the fancy supermarket by us. However, those bad boys are expensive – but the kids eat one of them and they are totally satisfied. My next go to is Applegate farms products. I just look for all natural, organic, no nitrates added hot dogs and go with that if grass fed is not realistic.

This morning for breakfast the kids had Stonyfield Plain Low Fat Yogurt with ground chia seeds and dark chocolate chips mixed in. They thought the chia seeds were chocolate also and I perhaps let them go with that idea.

I use chocolate chips in several breakfast items – I always look for the darkest chocolate chips I can find – I never buy milk chocolate or semi sweet. I go for the special dark or whatever the one with the highest cocoa percentage is. I throw a few into yogurt, oatmeal, zucchini muffins, etc and they gobble it up. I am starting to transition them to serious dark chocolate (80%+) via chopped up dark chocolate bars. I also hand out occasional chips as rewards or treats. Better then gummy bears!

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  • Jill

    Yes! Thank u for this…have been trying to find “healthy” hotdogs for the kids and I will definitely try that bread! You are the best!