School lunches- supplies and ideas!!


I’m such a food geek that I am actually excited to pack lunches. And my guys get breakfast at their pre-K also, so I get to pack that also!! Woohoo! I’m serious – I

Graham Cracker Crack


I apologize in advance for this. Blame Trisha Yearwood not me. I have no idea how I stumbled upon her recipe for Sweet and Saltines but, sigh, I did. We received something similar to this from

Sugar Snap Tree and Apple Tree – Kid Made Snacks


I was looking at a website – – and Emilie was sitting on my lap. A picture of a tree made out of snow peas was on the page and she immediately pointed to it

Taco Bake


I don’t make casseroles that much. Nothing against a great casserole – but it is dangerous territory with a crew of picky eaters. Too many “things” all in one serving. The horror! However, I had

Double Cheese-Chopped Tomatoes Bagel Pizza’s


I seriously loved Bagel Bites when I was a kid. The crusty bottoms, doughy centers and perfect amount of toppings – kid awesomeness!! But now, I just can’t bring myself to purchase them for my

Roasted Vegetables: Grilled Cheese and Mozzarella/Chickpea Salad


I am totally on the roasted vegetable bandwagon. It is fascinating how heat can transform any vegetable into a richer, deeper, sweeter tasting specimen. And it is fast – I cranked the heat to

Sometimes this is dinner


We are leaving for a few days at my in-laws lake house. I feel like I am trying to move an army regiment with all the stuff these little people require. Couple that with