I have been afraid to feed my kids


Why? Rejection pure and simple. Rejection of the food that I worked hard to make for them, and rejection of me as a parent. I felt like a failure every time I made something

Two Perfect Summer Corn Recipes


It is impossible for me to get through a farmers market or grocery store in summer and not come out with at least a half dozen ears of corn. However, nothing peeves me more in

Swiss Chard & Mushroom Quesadilla


Driving home from speech therapy this afternoon I told Will and Em I was making quesadilla’s for dinner. Emilie’s reaction: “Oh no! You are going to put vegetables in them aren’t you!??!” Yes my little lady,

Dip Container for packed lunches


The best part of a new school year in my opinion is getting a new lunch box and school supplies. I was just loading up on Pottery Barn Kid stuff for my guys pre-k year

Veggie Packed Bolognese Sauce


The inmates are restless  – Lion King is only going to hold their interest for a few more minutes.  And the little one is 1 foot away from my covered in tempura paint. Basically

Purple Cabbage Coleslaw with Dijon, Balsamic and Shallots


I had the opportunity to cook for my friends super cute twins birthday party the other weekend. It was in the park, sweltering hot, but that kind of went with the Jake and Neverland

Mexican Veggie-Rice Bowl


Lunch for my new past time – vegan before 6. This is also a clean out the fridge lunch that turned out exceptionally well. Worked for Matty, and I think this would be a