Kids Picnic Lunch


Summer appears to have slapped us across the face today.  In an effort to not surrender to the AC and Pixar movies all day, I evacuated my crew at 9am for a morning at the park and a picnic.

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Quick side bar before continuing – the other day Emilie started pointing and demanding something on the counter.  I immediately mentally cursed myself for leaving chocolate chips or something along those lines out.   Nope – she was requesting a bag of sugar snap peas.  She had never had them before and they have now become her go to veggie. She loves breaking them open and eating the tiny peas. Perfect example of the need to rotate in new vegetables and to perhaps keep some veggies within easy striking distance of little kid hands. Prepped and in bowls on bottom shelf of fridge is what I am starting to do.

Back to the picnic.  I am trying, like every other mom I am sure, to make veggies more appealing.  I was hoping the combination of lots of outside time and exercise would induce them to try more then usual.  I also thought a new dip would be an encouragement.  I got 2/3 of my guys to try all the veggies – Will sat down next to the broccoli so I call that an almost win!  He really dug those crackers and banana so if you have a picky one also, they won’t starve with this menu.

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This is going on the rotation for summer picnics – it included:

-baby carrots


-sugar snap peas


-cream cheese honey dip

-Carrs Whole Wheat Crackers

-Babybell Cheese

-A fruit

Looks like frozen yogurt and Shrek Forever After have run their course for kid entertainment while I do this.  Time to become peace negotiator and wipe frozen yogurt goatees off faces.

Cream Cheese Honey Veggie Dip
  • Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Honey
  • Maldon Salt (or sea salt/kosher salt)
  • Lemon zest (optional)
  1. Few spoonfuls of cream cheese – drizzle a little honey over top and pinch of Maldon salt. If you have a microplane, zest some lemon rind in there. Stir and taste – decide if you want to add more honey/salt/lemon.

honey cream cheese (1 of 1)

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