Yogurt-Berries-All-Bran & 4 year old birthday breakfast selections


I am always trying to think of fast breakfast ideas and this one was a hit with the entire crew this week. By all means use a lovely greek yogurt here, but if you really want to do it up right, Stonyfield Whole Milk French Vanilla Yogurt.  Holy moly that is some good yogurt.

A heaping spoonful of yogurt, small handful All-Bran and some fresh organic berries. Bananas are a good fill in if you don’t have berries on hand. The recipient can mix it all together or concoct spoonfuls of the different options or pick and choose.

Today is my sweet twins 4th birthday.  I told them they could choose whatever they want (within reason but I kept that to myself so to not confuse things) for breakfast. Will chose chocolate ice cream, Emilie – bagel with cream cheese, chocolate chips and honey. It is good to be the birthday kids around here.

choc chip cream cheese bagel (1 of 1)

choc chip cream cheese bagel Em (1 of 1)will choc ice cream breakfast (1 of 1)

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