Fruit Toast


I assume I am not the only parent that when pressured with time and hungry kids, turn to a nut butter/jelly concoction for their meal.  I have made all the variations I could think of utilizing peanut, almond, cashew, and honey peanut butter + jelly or honey and just wanted something different for the crew.

Fruit toast! I had deliciously rip mangos and lovely organic strawberries in the stockade – chopped those into same size pieces and individualized the fruit toasts (in this case, whole grain english muffins) for each of my crew. Will won’t consume things without jelly, so his had cashew butter, apricot jelly and fruit topping (that is his pictured above). Em had cashew butter, honey and fruit. Matty will eat anything so I gave him same as Em.

Everyone had their own consumption technique – Em ate all the fruit off then the toast. Will took bites of it all assembled together.  Matty – combination of the two – and the messiest of them all.  Regardless, it was an entertaining meal for them.

I enjoyed one also, sprinkling a little maldon salt on the cashew butter and using a drizzle of acacia honey to cushion the fruit topping.

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