Will’s Oatmeal – Raspberry, Walnut, Chia and Brown Sugar


My “pickiest” eater, Mr. Will, loves to cook and help me.  I had made him eggs the other morning for breakfast that went untouched.  Mid morning he was “very hungry” – his favorite phrase to use when we are either trying to get out the door or get him to bed – but since we were attempting neither of those, I figured he actually was.  And this was my time to strike.

I first gained agreement to make oatmeal – mostly by just offering that or the cold eggs still sitting on his plate.  I then sold it as a chance for him to create his own oatmeal to get him more psyched about it.  I first got the oatmeal out and had him put several handfuls into the pot.  Then I gave him bowls of chia, raw walnuts, brown sugar and a bag of frozen raspberries and had him go to town.

wills oatmeal prep (1 of 1)

He loved the texture of the chia seeds and just rubbed them between his fingers for a while before adding.  I monitored the brown sugar additions, but he surprisingly did not try to dump a ton of that in.  It was his first time eating walnuts because I am a bit of a neurotic when it comes to choking hazards.  Had to pluck a few frozen raspberries out of the final concoction because it was almost more then the amount of oatmeal we had initially poured in there.  All in all, he did awesome.  Was concentrating the entire time, totally cool with hanging out while I cooked it really fast on the stove, and then shared it with his siblings.  It was a great meal and a great memory.

Will’s Oatmeal – Raspberry, Walnut, Chia and Brown Sugar

  • Oatmeal – I use the classic old fashioned oats for these quick throw together meals. Determine the amount by how many are eating
  • vanilla extract
  • brown sugar
  • walnuts
  • chia seeds
  • frozen raspberries
  1. I did not give measurements because you can totally make this your own. Follow the oatmeal package for measurements of oatmeal vs water – I just eyeball it and add more water when it is cooking if need be.
  2. I add the vanilla extract but put all the rest of the toppings in bowls or let him grab out of their packaging if that was easier.
  3. The grown up cooks it on the stove – the little people can then proudly eat up what they made themselves.



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