Perfect poached eggs – every time


finished poached egg avocado pesto2 (1 of 1)I was having coffee with a dear friend the other day, and she ordered this delicious looking bagel with egg, cheese, pesto and avocado oozing out of all sides.  I thought about it all day – it just looked like the perfect cozy winter breakfast.
This was my riff on it. Something else I should mention – finally after many different strategies, learning from a french chef in culinary school, I totally came up with the no-fail, once you get it you can’t stop doing it, poaching eggs method.
Prep your ingredients – crack an egg in a small bowl, 1 Tablespoon white wine vinegar (or whatever vinegar you have), slotted spoon.  Have timer and a lid that fits the pot ready to go.
poached egg prep (1 of 1)
Once water is boiling, stir the water along the edges of the pot to create a whirlpool – once you have a good swirl going, place edge of bowl with egg in it to the top of the water and tip it in.  Immediately:


Use slotted spoon to fetch that little pretty egg out of the water – place it on a bed of honor of your choice.  Mine was toasted whole wheat english muffin, with slices of avocado and then topped with a small spoonful pesto.

finished poached egg runing avocado pesto (1 of 1)

Emmi’s version was just poached egg on whole wheat toast. Matty’s- he had the works: avocado & pesto on whole wheat toast.  Emmi put away 3 poached eggs – she was so thrilled every time she popped the yoke and it spilled out.
emmy poached egg (1 of 1)

matty poached pesto egg (1 of 1)


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    Yum!! Breakfast tomorrow!