Fast Berry Jam with Chia and Honey


My guys are obsessed with the Fage strawberry greek yogurts – especially the strawberry part.  The minute there are no more streaks of red in their yogurt their eating screeches to a halt.  Who

Oatmeal Vanilla Scones and Baking with Kids


I love having the kids help me cook and bake.  And I am slowly starting to understand how much control I have to let go of however when doing so.  What I have learned

Perfect poached eggs – every time


I was having coffee with a dear friend the other day, and she ordered this delicious looking bagel with egg, cheese, pesto and avocado oozing out of all sides.  I thought about it all

Lemon Chicken – Date Goat Cheese Relish – Butternut Farro


I made dinner at 8am.  I was standing around, kids were all transfixed on the TV and I realized I didn’t have anything I had to do.  And since I use cooking as a

Hemp Seed-Almond Meal Granola


I distinctly remember my mom, in valiant attempts to improve our nutritional intake, sprinkling and incorporating wheat germ into many breakfast foods.  We could spot wheat germ packed pancakes a mile away and had

Mini Burrito’s


There is a great diner down the street from us that just kills it with their burrito’s.  The only catch is they are the size of your head. I revamped the classic gigantic head



In a very enjoyable extended grocery shopping trip yesterday as part of my mommy time, I found cute little mini kids yoplait yogurts with Cars Movie stuff on them.  Figured I would surrender to