Veggie packed tomato sauce and wheat germ parmesan meatballs


Yes, I did.  I put wheat germ in my meatballs.  I was feeling it today.  Going to sneak something healthy past everyone.  Insert evil mommy laugh here. Anyway, onto this great recipe and its inspiration.

One Bowl Low Fat Banana Bread Bites


I made the mistake of telling the husband these were cookies.  It is just not the correct representation of the small, filling, satisfying low fat treats that they are.  They are perfect when you

Lime-Garlic-Butter Chicken with Black Bean Soup Rice and Swiss Chard


  Chicken – so convenient, but most of the time, oh so boring.  But, with a few simple ingredients, and prepping it the night before – you can be guaranteed a chicken dinner that will

Egg-Avocado-Sriracha Wrap


This is one of my favorite quick breakfast or lunch meals.  There are so many options for healthy tortilla’s out there and I particularly like the La Tortilla Factory brand low carb, high fiber

Low Fat Crustless Spinach Feta Quiche


I have A LOT of cookbooks.  Frequently when I read one that includes a quiche recipe, it includes comments like “this is a quick dinner”, “so easy to throw together”, “making the crust from

Refried beans via the crockpot


Poor refried beans – always an after thought in a mexican meal served at my house, dumped out of a can and reheated.  Then untouched by mostly everyone.  But I felt they had a

Kale Quinoa Salad


Time to massage some kale!  I am continuing my lunch planning method of stealing my children’s easy lunch boxes ( for my salads.  Sunday afternoon I wrestled with a huge bouquet of kale –