Nut butter-jelly-cream cheese pizza


I sometimes feel like I am going to go bonkers if I continue to make the same things for the kids to eat over and over.  Then I have the problem that the toddlers food library is on the small side, and new foods are viewed as potential poison.  But, as any typical toddler would tell you, pizza is deemed acceptable.  So is PB&J.  I just wanted a different way to present the usual.  I am starting to discover that a good way of easing them into new foods is to present stuff they already like in different ways. For example, today I made super quick tortilla wraps with hummus and cheese for lunch – Will does not usually like cheese or hummus, but loves a tortilla, and ate a ton of it.  Em, who does like hummus and cheese would not touch it.  Of course, makes perfect sense.

Nut butter-jelly-cream cheese pizza


  • Whole grain pita
  • jelly
  • nut butter (we love cashew butter around here)
  • whipped cream cheese


  1. Turn broiler on low.
  2. Spread a layer of nut butter and then jelly on the pita.
  3. Dollop and carefully spread cream cheese on top of that.
  4. Place in oven under broiler - keep an eye on it and just keep it there until the cream cheese starts to melt a bit.
  5. Voila.

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